Yoko Ono, Jeff Bridges Donate Art to One Night Stand

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Yes, it’s true. Artist and musician Yoko Ono and actor and artist Jeff Bridges have donated art to this year’s One Night Stand (ONS) fundraiser for Art From Scrap.  We’re also thrilled to report that over 200 other artists have accepted the challenge of creating a 9″ x 9″ work of art (in any medium) for ONS.

One Night Stand is a one night only art event. Professional artists from around the county are invited to participate. None of the art is labeled with a name. All of it is 9″ x 9″. When the art is sold, the artist’s name is revealed. This leads to all sorts of fun, surprise and speculation on the night of the event.

Will you be the lucky one who purchases a Kent Twitchell, Michael McMillen or Phoebe Brunner work of art for only $200.00? Can you find art by Thomas Van Stein, V.C. Johnson or Meredith Brooks Abbott?


Sophisticated art patrons and first time collectors must trust their instincts as they hunt for works of art from renowned artists and local celebrities that both intrigue and excite their sensibilities.

Don’t miss the art event of the year on August 24th at Brooks Gallery 27 in downtown Santa Barbara.The fun starts at 5:30 pm. One Night Stand has sold out every year. Get your tickets now.

One Night Stand is a fundraiser for Art From Scrap, a program of Explore Ecology.



    Hi Yoko! Maria Vrchota here. I’d like to donate one of my oil paintings. I paint landscapes. Keep me posted. Ta for now. Sincerely, Maria

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