Wrap Your Gifts with Fabric

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Fabric is a great reuse wrapping material that can be used again and again. Make it part of your gift. Wrap your presents with a bandanna or tea towel for zero waste packaging. The art of Furoshiki, Japanese fabric wrapping, uses folding and knotting to create beautiful packages. No tape is required for this incredible technique. There are many different ways to fold and knot fabric, a google search will show you lots of tutorials and methods, but here are three of our favorites!

Here’s the first one! Take a piece of rectangular or square-shaped piece of fabric. Place your item in the center. Be sure to use a large enough piece of fabric, that way you can wrap irregular items more easily. Take one side of the fabric and wrap it around the gift, then wrap the opposite side across- much like if you were using paper to wrap. Instead of folding up the open edges, twist each edge making sure your gift is covered and secure. Once each is fairly twisted, bring them to the center of your gift and tie a knot! This looks beautiful and elegant!

The next method works best with a square piece of fabric. Center your gift in your fabric. Then take two adjacent edges and tie them across the gift. Now you should have a knot in the center of your gift and two open edges. Take the two edges up and around the gift and tie in a double knot over your first knot. If your piece of fabric is much larger than your gift you will have two long tails from the first knot. You can choose to tie these around the gift for a more decorative knot. For a gift bag effect twist the long edges and bring them up and around and tie them together.

Lastly, you can bring the edges to cover your package then twist them. Take any scrap yarn, ribbon, twine, or fabric and tie it around the twisted edges to secure. This method is great to wrap gifts that are more circular or irregular in shape.

We hope this inspires you to try some fabric wrapping this season!

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