With YOUR Vote- Explore Ecology Could Win $20,000

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Please Support Explore Ecology/Art From Scrap. VOTE for us now for a chance to win a $20,000 grant to help fund our STUDENT OCEAN STEWARDS program. You can VOTE EVERY 24 HOURS from now until December 15th.  Vote Here

Your vote counts!  EnviroKids is giving away grants and Explore Ecology has a chance to win. But, we need you.  If we win, the grant money will fund our Student Ocean Stewards (SOS) program that educates students about how land and ocean ecosystems are interconnected.  Students in the program receive two in-class lessons, visit the Watershed Resource Center and go on a field trip to Santa Cruz Island. They learn firsthand how their actions on land impact creeks, estuaries, the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the larger ocean ecosystem. SOS students increase their knowledge of the extent of marine debris affecting the ocean and the connection between watersheds and ocean ecosystems. Classes create action plans to reduce the use of disposable products at school, at home and in their communities, while also educating their peers, teachers, parents and community members about the connection between waste reduction, single use disposable items, and marine debris.

Explore Ecology educates in a way that is creative, hands-on and meaningful; an investment that grows student’s minds and helps make our planet a better place.   Help us in our mission.  Please vote for Explore Ecology here.

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