The Benefits of Composting

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Hello! My name is Adrian and I am an Environmental and Garden Educator at Explore Ecology.  What really lured me to working at Explore Ecology was the opportunity to garden as much as I want!


I studied hydrology at UCSB and have a love for the environment that also complements Explore Ecology’s themes and my work at the Watershed Resource Center quite nicely.

In late May I had the opportunity to go to San Marcos High School and talk to a couple of classes about composting- one of my favorite subjects. We talked about how composting helps to minimize the trash going to our landfill, creates new healthy soil, but most importantly doesn’t contribute methane to our atmosphere.


When trash is in our landfill, an anaerobic condition is created and the bacteria that live in that environment create CH4 or methane as its waste.


When we compost, an aerobic condition is created and the bacteria that thrive create a waste product of CO2. Yes, carbon dioxide is a a greenhouse gas, however methane is over 20 times more powerful in contributing to greenhouse gas effects.


At the conclusion of our lesson we made compost buckets out of 5-gallon buckets stacked on top of each other.

Composting SM

The kids had fun using the drills but had quite a laugh when it was time to grab the worms.  Which of course, I made them scoop up by hand. 🙂

The children are our future and so is composting.


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