Sustainable Gift Wrapping

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This year ditch the wrapping paper and try some more eco-friendly options. Most wrapping papers are not recyclable due to glitter or tape, so make the switch. Giving conscious gifts that are wrapped with care is such a delight. I like to have the wrapping be part of the gift so that everything is being enjoyed. A produce bag, tea towel, bandanna, or scarf is the perfect way to make your entire present, wrapping and all, be enjoyed well past the holidays.

Fabric is a great reuse wrapping material that can be used again and again . The art of Furoshiki, Japanese fabric wrapping, uses folding and knotting the fabric to create beautiful packages. No tape required for this incredible technique. A google search will show you lots of tutorials and methods, but I like to use this simple technique. First get a square or rectangular piece of fabric that can cover the thing you want to wrap. Place your gift in the center of the fabric. Next, take one corner and fold it over the gift. Then take the adjacent corner and fold that over toward the first corner you folded. Your gift should now be covered with a corner out on each side. I bring theses together at the top center of the package and tie them in a knot. You could also twist them to create a handle. Then you have your beautiful reuse wrapping without a piece of tape in sight!

Coffee bean bags could be the perfect way to wrap something that is bulky and big. Add  some ribbon and you will have a beautiful and interesting present.


If fabric doesn’t quite feel like the leap you want to make then start with some reuse wrapping materials. Old newspapers, sheet music or maps can become beautiful reuse wrapping paper. Bonus if you can find something that has a special meaning for the person receiving the gift. Some bright yarn makes for an easy bow on top, or you can try making pom poms for decoration. Then add a leather scrap for a cool gift tag that could become a key chain after all the presents are unwrapped.

If you are wanting to decorate your gift boxes or wrapping paper yourself I would suggest cork stamping. Take a cork and draw the shape you want to stamp on the top. Simple geometric shapes seemed to work the best for me. I drew a triangle then used an X-Acto knife to carefully cut around the shape. If you want to keep it low tech and kid friendly use veggie stamps! The base of a celery bunch makes a gorgeous rosette, or brussels sprouts cut in half.

Art From Scrap is the perfect place to get reuse wrapping materials. We even have some wrapping paper for those traditionalists out there. The store will be open December 19-22nd regular hours. Stop in and get your fabric, paper, maps or whatever else you need to make your holidays a bit more sustainable.  After the 22nd the store will be closed for our holiday break until January 2nd. We hope you have a happy holiday season!

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