Second Graders Hold Farmers Market

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What happens when second graders hold their first Farmers Market? A lot of learning and fun!

Guest blogger and School Garden Educator Clarisa Guerrero updates us on the recent Farmers Market held at Harding Elementary. Harding is one of 38 schools participating in Explore Ecology’s School Garden Program.

Here’s Clarissa’s post!

Harding Elementary had its first Farmers Market. The best part? The market was put together by second grade students. Not only did the students care for and cultivate their school garden, they also were able to experience the full circle of “farm to table”. 

On the day of the market, the students helped harvest, bundle, label, and sell all of their produce!

With help from 4th graders who made many posters promoting the “Second Grade Farmer’s Market”, it was a successful turn out! These ambitious and dedicated students made $53 in profit and were able to directly experience the lesson of farm to table- a concept that that they had been learning in their classroom.

Harding Principal Veronica Binkley says, “When a parent steps up and encourages an action to support a unit of inquiry, that is a beautiful thing! True IB (International Baccalaureate) Learning at its best! The Farmer’s market was a perfect real world experience that brought the learning to the whole community.”

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  • Veronica Binkley

    Thank you Explore Ecology! Our Garden Educator, Clarisa Guerrero is magical with our students, teachers AND parents! Her creativity, knowledge and ability to bring passion to the Harding garden has been a joy to watch! We are all growing and learning together!

    • Explore Ecology

      Thank you, Veronica for your kind words about Clarisa and your support of our School Gardens Program.

  • tisha ford

    I would love to attend any future farmers markets.

    • Explore Ecology

      Hi Tisha, Thanks for reading!

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