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Living Wall by Francis Dawson

Living Wall by Francis Dawson

On March 15, from 5:00-7:00 pm MULCH opens at the AFS Gallery. MULCH features the work of artists Scott Chatenever, Jaime Coxon, Francis Dawson, Barbara McIntyre, Judy Nilsen, Mary Price, Ron Robertson, Pali X Mano, and Pamela Zwehl-Burke.

MULCH is a multi media art exhibition featuring painting, ceramics, woodworking, horticulture, printmaking and assemblage. Mary Price, curator of the exhibition says that MULCH is “inspired by early spring, the scent of newly turned soil, the decay of organic and man-made materials, new growth and rebirth.”

Francis Dawson will be exhibiting his living art pieces in the show. These mandalas or living walls are made with succulents and other plant materials. Dawson says, “When I do this work, I’m not only creating, I’m co-creating with the Earth.”


Francis Dawson’s work is featured in MULCH at the AFS Gallery.

Dawson is a landscape designer and artist whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and more recently Santa Barbara Magazine’s Best of 2013 issue. Dawson is also the creator of the plant-based sculpture installation “Stochastic Probability” at the Jardin de las Granadas exhibition space in downtown Santa Barbara. Dawson is creating new pieces for MULCH.  “Right now I’ve been working with the plants, making cuttings and propagating a lot. So, my work at the AFS Gallery will be about propagation and regeneration. It’s a perfect time for this show.”

MULCH is the second art exhibition of the year at the AFS Gallery which continues to bring the Santa Barbara community a wide array of art shows and exhibitions highlighting local artists and diverse art forms. The AFS Gallery is a program of Explore Ecology.  Explore Ecology’s education and art programs combine environmental awareness and artistic creativity to create a connection between people and their environment.

Save the date! MULCH opens on Friday, March 15 from 5:00-7:00 pm and hangs in the AFS Gallery through April 13, 2013.



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