LOVE Your Mother Ocean On Mother’s Day

 In Explore Ecology

Show your love for Mother Ocean on Sunday, May 12th at Explore Ecology’s Beach Clean Up from 12:00-2:00 at Arroyo Burro Beach.

Explore Ecology“We’re excited to celebrate Mother’s Day by cleaning the beach.” says Lindsay Johnson, manager of the South Coast Watershed Resource Center (WRC) and Education Coordinator for Explore Ecology.  Johnson who has taught environmental education classes at  Explore Ecology for over eight years says that children love to pick up trash, especially when they think that it will help marine animals. “I can’t count the number of beach clean ups I’ve done with K though 6th graders at Arroyo Burro, but every time kids participate, they feel proud and empowered. Most importantly, they know that they can make a positive difference.”

Explore Ecology Beach Clean Up

Explore Ecology Beach Clean Up

Held every second Sunday of the month, upcoming clean ups will be on June 9, July 14, and August 11th, 12:00-2:00 pm. Please bring your own bag, bucket, and gloves. Monthly Beach Clean Ups at Arroyo Burro Beach are brought to you by Explore Ecology/ Art From Scrap.





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