Happy Green Halloween!

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Halloween is one of our favorite holidays at Art From Scrap. But, we aren’t a fan of the extra waste that occurs when this spooky celebration is over. We want to share with you some of our favorite and fun ways to have a more eco-friendly Halloween.

Costumes: This year, the average consumer is expected to spend over $102 on Halloween according to the National Retail Federation. Save money and resources by ditching fast fashion costumes and making your own with reusable materials from Art From Scrap. We have a seemingly endless supply of materials in the store right now that can be transformed into unique, creative costumes! For an ocean- themed costume, try our skateboard wheel shavings donated by Skate One.

We also have a lot of fabric, jewelry, paper, and other supplies that can easily be used in your costume.

Get creative, upcycle materials, and pledge not to buy costumes made of new plastic that are wrapped in plastic film!

Pumpkins: When you carve your pumpkin, be sure to keep the flesh to use in cooking or baking. If you don’t like to eat pumpkin, add it to your compost pile or worm bin. Discarded pumpkins often end up in the landfill. Once there, they are usually buried and begin to decompose slowly, emitting methane gas which contributes to climate change.

Decorations: Instead of buying single use plastic decorations, look for durable decorations that you can use year after year. Or look for previously-loved items at Art From Scrap.

Trick or Treat Bags: Don’t buy a new plastic Halloween-themed bag to use for all of your goodies, instead repurpose a pillow case, shopping bag, or bucket.

We wish you a sustainable and fun Halloween this year! Stop by Art From Scrap at 302 East Cota Street in downtown Santa Barbara during open hours: Wednesday through Saturday: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.

Happy Halloween from everyone at Art From Scrap!

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  • Armstrong Marti

    You guys always inspire me to re-use and be super C~R~E/A~T~I~V~E/!

    • Explore Ecology

      Thank you!! We’re so glad that you liked the post.

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