Fun For The Whole Family- New Art From Scrap Workshop

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The Art From Scrap (AFS) Workshop comes alive with a themed workshop every Saturday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. Open to artists of all ages and abilities, the workshops take place in the AFS Art Center; located upstairs from the Art From Scrap Creative ReUse Store.

AFS Art Workshop 045Art From Scrap Workshops utilize the vast amount of materials found in our Creative ReUse Store. By making art out of discarded materials; resources are saved and imaginations are stoked. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Make Art! Come to an AFS workshop and unleash your inner eco-artist.

Our NEW Art From Scrap Workshop Schedule:

Feb 7 Animals & Habitats Guest Artist: Jason Summers
Feb 14 Valentine’s Day Art Hearts Guest Artist: Judy Nilsen
Feb 21 Wizard & Fairy Houses Guest Artist: Beth Amine
Feb 28 Automata– Machines That Move! Guest Artist: Laura Denny
March 7 Springs Into Things Guest Artist: Judy Nilsen
March 14 Sensational Space Ships Flying to Mars! Guest Artist: Geoffrey Barber
March 21 Catchers of the Light- Garden Sculptures Guest Artist: Jason Summers
March 28 Magical Mixed Media Insects Guest Artist: Laura Denny
April 4 Time Machines & Other Imaginary Inventions Guest Artist: Geoffrey Barber
April 11 Tiny Growing Vessels Guest Artist: Jason Summers
April 18 No Workshop
April 25 Roar! Assemblage Animals Guest Artist: Laura Denny
May 2 Board Games Guest Artist: Jason Summers
May 9 Mother’s Day Bouquets: Paper, Fabric, & Lace Guest Artist: Judy Nilsen
May 16 Pirate Treasure Chests Guest Artist: Beth Amine
May 23 Printing With Found Objects Guest Artist: Laura Denny
May 30 Puppets! Guest Artist: Judy Nilsen

You don’t need to make reservations. Only $8.00 per person. For more information call 805-884-0459 x11. All workshops at Art From Scrap at 302 East Cota Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

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