Explore Ecology School Gardens Will Flourish- Thank You, Garden Club of Santa Barbara

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Research shows that children who grow their own food tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, have a greater understanding of ecology, and receive higher test scores in science. School gardens are more important than ever and thanks to the Garden Club of Santa Barbara, Explore Ecology’s School Gardens Program will continue to grow.


Happy Gardeners!

Explore Ecology has been awarded a $12,250 grant from the Garden Club of Santa Barbara to support irrigation updates and training in thirty school gardens. With current drought conditions, efficient irrigation systems have never been more important. The grant ensures that the Explore Ecology School Gardens Program can continue to provide students the opportunity to receive outdoor education in well-tended, beautiful school gardens.

School Garden

School Garden

The Explore Ecology School Gardens Program currently serves approximately 10,000 elementary age students in 30 schools. Fourteen Garden Educators teach lessons in each garden about composting, organic gardening, nutrition, healthy food choices, and science.

The Garden Club of Santa Barbara has supported school gardens since the early 1900’s. One of their first projects in 1917 was to donate seeds to schools. Explore Ecology is the only project they have supported on an annual basis since early 2000.

group with shovels2

Some Members of the Garden Club

For 25 years, Explore Ecology has been a vital force for garden education. We appreciate the Garden Club of Santa Barbara and say thank you on behalf of all the children who will be working, learning, and playing in our school gardens!


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