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2019 started off with a big change here at Art From Scrap. The first month of the year, our offices doubled as a construction zone as we installed new floors. With that all a distant memory we could not be more excited to share our renovated workshop space with you. Thank you to the Squire Foundation, without whose support this project would not have been possible.

When working in the reuse industry, you often find that the thing you need (along with a lot of other stuff) shows up just when you need it. Everyone who works with us has a story of needing something and then suddenly finding it in the store. It may have just been the benefit of actually looking, but it feels serendipitous at times. The same was true of our new to us floors. As we were discussing options for a new floor, we heard of some flooring that was being taken out of a large retail space. Destined for the landfill, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to actually “walk the talk”. We got the boards to Art from Scrap to find out there was just enough flooring for both our workshop space and  our offices. Hooray! Installing was an adventure, but now the whole place feel so much nicer.

We were also lucky enough, with the support from Squire, to switch out all of our gallery lights to LED lights. Now our space is a bit more energy efficient too!

We are so very grateful for the continued support of the Squire Foundation who made this update possible. Along with our workshop updates, their work makes possible many artistic ventures throughout our community including our Saturday and Adult Art Workshops. You can keep up with their efforts on Facebook and Instagram @theSquireFoundation.

Come check out our beautiful new workshop space! There are lots of ways to get involved! Every Saturday bring the family to create something together in our kids workshops, learn new creative skills in our adult workshops twice a month, or just pop upstairs and see what’s in our gallery the next time you are shopping at Art From Scrap. We are so pleased with how great everything looks we just can’t wait to share.

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