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We’re proud to introduce you to the new EE Makerspace! A creative hub located in downtown Santa Barbara above the Art From Scrap Creative Reuse Store, the EE Makerspace is brimming with materials, ideas, tools, and creativity. You are invited to become a member, join us at a workshop, imagine, invent, create and collaborate at the EE Makerspace! community.  

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EE Makerspace: Where Imagination Meets Creative Reuse

The new EE Makerspace above Art From Scrap elevates our potential for transformational artmaking. Community members of all abilities and backgrounds utilize the redesigned EE Makerspace to explore, rethink, and reuse.

The Art From Scrap Creative Reuse Store provides unparalleled access to a multitude of creative reuse materials.

The workshop space has a modular configuration, so that it flows effortlessly between its many uses. New technology such as a projector and laser printers allow rethinking of how to use the bountiful materials from Art From Scrap and inspire projects beyond the workshop.

The new EE Makerspace is a hub for sustainability education where you can make, ideate, and explore reuse materials and the limitless potential of their creativity.

The vision and design for our new space was led by Dr. Sean O’Brien. You can learn more about Sean and his work at his website

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