Earth Day Awards Ceremony

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Teachers, students, and school clubs were honored with Explore Ecology Awards in a ceremony at the Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival on Sunday, April 28th. As community members cheered them on, the winners were thrilled to be recognized for their work on school campuses across Santa Barbara County. Each winner went onstage to talk about their impactful work in environmental stewardship.

Refugio High School teacher Jennifer Rasmussen said, “What began with just two boxes has blossomed into a thriving outdoor education program boasting ten planter boxes and four compost areas. Plans for a pumpkin patch and rows of corn within an old sand volleyball court are underway, alongside the implementation of a rainwater collection system. The impact of these hands-on projects extends beyond the classroom, evident in the joy reflected on students’ faces and the enthusiasm from faculty, staff, and visiting adults.”

Student Award winner Ethan Maday wowed the crowd with stories of his work developing curriculum on regenerative agriculture at Santa Barbara Middle School. Each winner inspired the crowd and many stressed that all of us, no matter our age, can do something to help the earth.

The complete list of winners include: Gio Alfaro, Ethan Maday, Margo Leven, Moxie McLeod, Jennifer Rasmussen, Lori Leach, Teri Briggs, the Kellogg Ocean Guardians, and the Clean and Green Club at Vieja Valley Elementary.

The Explore Ecology Awards, now in their fifth year, honor eco heroes in Santa Barbara County whose dedication to environmental stewardship and care for nature is creating a greener and more resilient Santa Barbara.

Lindsay Johnson, Explore Ecology Executive Director, says, “The awards ceremony was so inspiring and reminds us of the profound impact that we can all have on the health of our planet. From replacing single use plastic sporks in the Kellogg Elementary cafeteria to planting trees at La Colina Junior HIgh, everyone had a story to tell about why they took action and how they implemented change. Congratulations to this year’s winners!”

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