Allan Schiller Retrospective Art Opening

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Allen Schiller is the artist-in-residence at Art From Scrap.  Many visitors to the  AFS retail store at 302 E. Cota Street are probably  already familiar with his work. Have you seen the cool mini-gardens outside of the store? Or the paintings hung on the gates? Those are just some of the many ways that Allen contributes to making Art From Scrap a creative hub in downtown Santa Barbara.  To show our appreciation, Art From Scrap is hosting a reception for Allen as part of the November First Thursday celebration on  November 7 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Coffee Cat, 1201 Anacapa Street in downtown Santa Barbara.

The Artists of Solstice 078

Allen Schiller and Mary Price, Art From Scrap Art Director

Allen Schiller has participated in many group and solo exhibitions, taught art at UCSB and SBCC and works in acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, and assemblage.  A long-time participant in the Solstice Parade, Allan has worked on the finale ensemble with Pali X-Mano many times.  “Art is of vital importance,” says Schiller, “because you can recreate experiences, express feelings and even change your outlook”.

The Coffee Cat has been an Art From Scrap Gallery Annex since April 2012,  featuring the work of Neal Crosbie, Esteban, Ron Robertson, Noah Erenberg, Melissa Mahoney, Massoud Abolhoda and Peter Price.

See you tonight to celebrate the work and creativity of artist Allen Schiller.

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