Acclaimed Assemblage Artist at Art From Scrap

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afsmdm Are you an artist who wants to learn from an assemblage master? Would you like to enter the Art From Scrap What Will They Create? Art Event and need some inspiration?  On February 26, 27 and 28 assemblage artist extraordinaire Michael deMeng will present a three-day intensive workshop at Art From Scrap in downtown Santa Barbara.

Michael deMeng is a Toronto-based artist who travels the world teaching, creating and exhibiting highly original mixed media artworks. deMeng’s renown as an instructor stems from his empathy and powers of observation, which enables him to help students realize their own artistic visions.

de Meng says, “Creative people are compelled to use whatever is readily available in their surroundings to create art. This is why the process of assemblage has become so popular; after all, junk and discarded things abound. Perfect pickings for those with the desire for junking and dumpster diving.”

Michael deMeng is a master of innovative assemblage techniques and has published two books, “Secrets of Rusty Things”, North Light Books, 2007 and Dusty Diablos: Folklore, Iconography, Assemblage, Olé!, (with Tonia Davenport) North Light Books, 2010.

demengThe fee for the workshop is $375.00, materials not included.Class size is limited. This 3 day Trash to Treasure workshop will offer participants a chance for one-on-one instruction and dialogue with Michael deMeng, one of the world’s most sought after assemblage artists.


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