5 Reasons Why Explore Ecology Loves Jack Johnson

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At Explore Ecology we love to educate people about how their everyday choices affect the environment.  To have an even great impact, we are teaming up with Jack Johnson on his 2014 From Here To Now To You Tour and All At Once, a social action network that connects nonprofits with people who want to become active in their community. All At Once also promotes sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives, both perfect fits for our Marine Debris Prevention, Healthy Watersheds, School Gardens and Waste Reduction Programs.

Bonnaroo08_jackjohnson2_lgJack has donated two tickets for Explore Ecology to give away to his County Bowl  Concert in Santa Barbara. Participate in our Pre-Concert Beach Clean Up on Sunday, August 10th, from noon-2:00 pm at Arroyo Burro Beach for a chance to win!

Jack Johnson’s charity is also matching donations contributed to us at the show or directly to our organization through September 1st, up to a total of $2500. Make a contribution right now and your money will be doubled by the Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation!

5 Reasons Why We Love Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson’s makes his tours  and concerts as eco-friendly as possible. His tour crew work towards a zero waste tour by:

  1. Composting, recycling and other waste diversion efforts.
  2. Eliminating the use of single-use plastic water bottles on tour by filling up at backstage water refill stations and providing water stations for his fans to use.
  3. Using sustainable biodiesel to fuel tour trucks, buses and generators.
  4. Utilizing a farm to stage catering program to source locally grown organic foods.
  5. All tour merchandise is made with sustainable materials with a focus on reusables and renewables.

Look for the Explore Ecology table at at Jack’s show at the Santa Barbara County Bowl on Sunday, August 31. Visit www.AllAtOnce.org to check out what you can do before, during and after the show to get involved.

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