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“Thanks for teaching us how to help the ocean! This is the best field trip I’ve been on.” – 2nd Grader from Peabody Elementary School on Explore Ecology field trip.

After learning about local watersheds, marine debris, and how to keep our creeks and oceans healthy, the 21 students from Peabody School were inspired to do more. At the end of their visit to the Watershed Resource Center,  these 6-8 year olds picked up 327 pieces of trash on Arroyo Burro Beach… in just ten minutes!

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If you’d like your class to learn how their actions can make a difference, schedule an Explore Ecology field trip today. Our lessons, taught by experienced environmental educators, help students understand how environmental topics are interconnected. In-class lessons and field trips covering the topics of Waste Reduction, Water Quality, Composting, and School Gardens are available for public and private schools, community youth groups, and camp programs.

To schedule, call 805 884-0459 x 16 or email education@exploreecology.org.

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